Monroe Imported Shock Absorber For Logan Shock Rear

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Aftermarket Replacement Part

This is a high quality aftermarket replacement part for your car. This is not a car manufacturer supplied spare part.

Monroe Imported Shock Absorber For Logan Shock Rear
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Monroe Imported Shock Absorber For Logan Shock Rear.



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Part Category Suspension System
Part Number M2N3G1144
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Part Brand Monroe
Vehicle Brand Renault


Monroe Imported Shock Absorber For Logan Shock Rear. Pictures Are Generic.This is a Genuine Monroe Product.

About Monroe Brand

For more than 90 years, Tenneco's shock absorber brand Monroe® has been one of the most recognized premier ride control brands. It's shock absorbers and other products provide vehicle safety and comfort and have consistently led the industry in innovative product development. Monroe shock absorbers increase tyre-to-road holding, producing a ride which offers more comfort, stability and more safety. Its shock absorbers provide vehicle safety and comfort, and have consistently led the industry.  Monroe is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers worldwide.  That expertise translates to Monroe's OE-quality Aftermarket replacement products. Monroe continues to expand its Aftermarket product lines to provide the coverage you need.  Monroe's product range includes shock absorbers, struts, springs, spheres, mounting and protection kits, modules, steering and suspension parts

To help motorists protect their driving safety, ride control engineers suggest that automotive shocks and struts be replaced at 80,000 Km. In addition, it is always a good idea to ask your automotive service provider to perform a complete chassis system safety check - including ride control components – every 20.000 km. 

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Ride control components wear out due to everyday driving and a variety of load and road conditions

  • Shocks and struts may not show any visible signs of wear, but internal components may be past their useful life
  • Typical shocks and struts "stroke" an average of 1,750 cycles per mile – that's 21 million cycles per 12,000 miles!
  • Shocks and struts are susceptible to additional wear caused by heavy use and severe road / environmental conditions
  • Ride control components interact with, and depend on, other key steering and suspension parts

80,000 Km Replacement Recommendation* Help improve vehicle handling characteristics and comfort

A fresh set of shocks can enhance more than just your ride. They help improve braking and handling under certain driving conditions and they make vehicles safer and easier to control. This helps make the road safer for everyone. Just one 50% degraded shock absorber on your vehicle can increase stopping distances by up to 10 feet under certain driving conditions.

With a network of 14 advanced engineering centers on five continents, Tenneco is at the leading edge of technology for the original equipment market.  Tenneco meets the needs of customers -- including Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Daimler, BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Nissan and Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) -- expertly tuning the ride of any vehicle to the most exacting specifications.

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Monroe's award-winning Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) shock absorber delivers both a soft, comfortable ride and firm vehicle handling. The technology is a mechanical valve system that instantaneously changes damping force to adjust vehicle ride to bumps and changes in the road surface. As a next generation shock absorber, frequency dependent damping is environmentally friendly – it uses no oil. The shock absorber can be mounted in any position and has a more consistent damping performance over a wide range of temperatures.

Monroe's Micro-Amplitude Damping (MAD) technology is a position sensitive hydraulic circuit designed to eliminate the energy transfer caused by tire imbalances. This circuit is engineered to directly react to the displacement of the shock absorber. It's shock absorbers and other products provide vehicle safety and comfort and have consistently led the industry in innovative product development. Monroe, one of the most widely recognized automotive brands, has provided innovative solutions for the ride control market worldwide since 1916.